The 2023 CEPPEA Mid-Year Work Meeting Held in Beijing

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On July 4th, the 2023 CEPPEA Mid-Year Work Meeting was held in Beijing. Li Aimin, Executive Vice Chairman of CEPPEA, chaired the meeting. Gao Hong, Deputy Secretary-General of CEPPEA, as well as directors of various departments and all 35 staff members attended the meeting.


During the meeting, all the 7 departments of the CEPPEA Secretariat reported on their work in the first half of 2023 and presented key work plans for the second half of the year. Leaders in charge provided comments on the work of their responsible department and put forward new requirements for the work arrangements in the second half of the year.

Li Aimin delivered the summary speech. He affirmed the work performance in the first half of the year and proposed the key works of the second half of the year. First, efficiently complete the compilation of the 'History of China's Power Survey and Design' (2001-2021). Second, take in-depth discussions with experts from the industry to formulate a high-quality development evaluation index system for power survey and design enterprises, and organize the selection of benchmark enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs. Third, conducte research on the topic 'Management for Efficiency, Innovation for Development - Improving the Quality and Efficiency Benchmarking First-Class Enterprises’. Fourth, revise the 'Self-Discipline Convention of the Power Survey and Design Industry,' focusing on promoting the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Fifth, vigorously promote the Internationalization of power industry standards and apply the excellent achievements of CEPPEA to address the actual issues for member units.