The 2023 Talent Fostering Meeting of Electric Power Survey and Design Industry was Successfully Held in Hainan

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   On April 13, 2023, China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Association (shorted as CEPPEA) held the 2023 Talent Fostering Meeting of Electric Power Survey and Design Industry in Hainan, which was hosted by Li Yin-Chao, the Deputy Director of the Registration Training Department, CEPPEA. Gao Hong, the Deputy Secretary General of CEPPEA, attended the meeting and gave the address. 54 representatives from 35 organizations participated in this meeting.

   Gao Hong said that 2022 was extraordinary, when the CEPPEA and its member enterprises had implemented the strategic requirements from the Center, keep balance between plague prevention and business operation, and finally attach great achievements. He pointed out that talents are the top priority for the enterprise development. CEPPEA offers a discussion platform where the member units can develop their talent fostering strategy, improve their talent quality and ability in competition and innovation by learning from each other.

   Yang Shuzhi, Chief Accountant of China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, Wang Ke, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Engineering Corporation Limited, and Zheng Ruizhong, Deputy General Manager of POWERCHINA Fujian Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., reported the talent fostering work of their organizations. Chen Lihua, from Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, Wang Wei, from Northeast Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, and Nan Fang, from POWERCHINA Sichuan Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. made the exchange on the topic "Exploration of talent fostering of electric power design enterprises under the development trend of new electric power system". Other representatives also fully discuss with each other around the theme of the conference. All the Participants expressed that through this meeting, they had learned different perspectives and opinions from others, which would benefit the further talent fostering work. In addition, the CEPPEA was advised to provide training on investment and financing, digital transformation, new energy, human resource management, legal risk of international projects, pumped storage, human resource sharing, project management and system planning.

   Gao Hong made a summary of the meeting and put forward five requirements for talent developing and fostering: firstly, analyze talent demand and do the long-time planning of talent fostering basing on the Company's strategic objectives and current situation. Secondly, focus on the training of high-tech talents, complex management talents and interdisciplinary technology talents. Enrich talents in the key areas, important departments and core positions. Thirdly, promote talent introduction. Attract highly qualified external talents to the Company by taking flexible recruitment and remuneration policies. Fourthly, strengthen incentive assessment. Improved the quantitative assessment mechanism for talent cultivation achievements, and set the benchmark for it with clear quantitative assessment results. Lastly, member units can learn from a large number of topics studied by the professional committees and branches of CEPPEA based on their industry.

   Next, the CEPPEA will strengthen training in new energy, digitalization, project management, risk prevention and control of international projects according to the needs of members.