The 2022 New Energy Market Development Meeting held in Wuhan

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  On July 19, the 2022 New Energy Market Development Meeting which was sponsored by China Electric Planning and Engineering Association (shorted as CEPPEA), undertaken by POWERCHINA Hubei Electric Engineering Co., Ltd., was held in Wuhan. At the same time, the CEPPEA opened an online video conference for members that could not participate in the meeting due to the epidemic.

  The meeting was hosted by Zhao Daming, Director of Business Coordination Department of CEPPEA. More than 110 representatives from 50 member companies attended the meeting, including leaders in charge of New Energy market and heads of relevant departments.

  Gao Hong, Deputy Secretary General of CEPPEA, gave a speech. He firstly reviewed the national power supply and demand situation in 2021, the overall operation of the power industry and the work of CEPPEA in 2021. Then he analyzed the domestic and foreign New Energy market situation. Finally, he gave suggestions for the development of New Energy market from seven aspects, such as playing a leading role of planning, promoting technological innovation, accelerating digital transformation and upgrading, improving project management capacity, extending industrial chain to expand development space, steadily developing overseas business market and strengthening industry self-discipline.

  Zhang Lei, Deputy Director of the Marketing Office, Electric Power Department, Power Construction Corporation of China (shorted as POWERCHINA), and Zhao Chaoen, Deputy manager of Comprehensive Energy and Electric Power Office, China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (shorted as CEEC), introduced the New Energy business situation of POWERCHINA and CEEC. They said that under the influence of national policies and market environment, the New Energy segment has become the main growth point of the Group. They stressed that in the fierce market competition, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of market order and the promotion of sustainable and high-quality development of the industry.

  According to the schedule of the meeting, Jiang Hai, Deputy Director of Comprehensive Energy Department, China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, gave a keynote report on "Analysis and Prospect of Pumped Storage Power Plant Development" and "Discussion on New Energy Development Trend, Business Model and Resource Development Model under Double Carbon Target", and Li Xiaolei, Deputy Director of New Energy and Renewable Energy Research Department, China Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute, gave a keynote report on "Research on Promoting Distributed Photovoltaic Consumption and Diversified Development".

  Hubei Electric Engineering Co., Ltd and other 7 member units gave the speech on policy, market environment, new technology, problems and challenges of New Energy Combining with the actual development of their enterprise and engineering cases.

  During the discussion session, all the participants shared their experience of new energy market development, exchanged the problems encountered in new energy market development, and gave some suggestions on the work of CEPPEA. Everyone expressed their views freely, achieving the expected meeting effect.

  At the end of the meeting, Gao Hong made a summary. He fully affirmed the meeting, saying that the keynote reports and the speeches of various units were rich in content and of a high standard. He stressed that under the environment of rapid development of New Energy, member companies should study national and local policies in depth, start from the front end of the industry chain taking advantage of planning, and at the same time, pay attention to risk prevention and control, so as to achieve outstanding results in the new energy market.

  Warm and thoughtful service from Hubei Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. was appreciated.